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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Would the Last Comic Standing

Please turn out the lights. Because when people like Rush Limbaugh and GWB are finished with us, we won't have a real country anymore. We'll all be sitting on a broke assed pile of cow manure, paying taxes and waiting for WalMart to rescue us from certain disaster.

And we had all better learn how to slaughter a cow if we want butter for our bread. Yes people. This is what was in my news this morning.

Media Matters Rush Limbaugh waxes poetic on the Poor & the Fat in America:

Summary: Rush Limbaugh blamed "the left" and the United Nations' Children Fund (UNICEF) for "the latest crisis" of "obesity among those who are impoverished," adding that Americans "[d]idn't teach them how to ... slaughter a cow to get the butter; we gave them the butter." Limbaugh also called the "Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF" campaign "[o]ne of the biggest scams on the face of the earth" because its goal was to "get everybody thinking the United Nations is feeding poor people."

I traveled on to Common Dreams where I found this gem by Naomi Klein:

Published on Monday, August 28, 2006
by CommonDreams.org
Pay To Be Saved: The Future of Disaster Response
by Naomi Klein

The Red Cross has just announced a new disaster-response partnership with Wal-Mart. When the next hurricane hits, it will be a co-production of Big Aid and Big Box.
This, apparently, is the lesson learned from the government's calamitous response to Hurricane Katrina: Businesses do disaster better...

Here's a snapshot of what could be in store in the not-too-distant future: helicopter rides off of rooftops in flooded cities ($5,000 a pop, $7,000 for families, pets included), bottled water and "meals ready to eat" ($50 per person, steep, but that's supply and demand) and a cot in a shelter with a portable shower (show us your biometric ID -- developed on a lucrative Homeland Security contract -- and we'll track you down later with the bill. Don't worry, we have ways: spying has been outsourced too).

The model, of course, is the U.S. healthcare system, in which the wealthy can access best-in-class treatment in spa-like environments while 46-million Americans lack health insurance. As emergency-response, the model is already at work in the global AIDS pandemic: private-sector prowess helped produce lifesaving drugs (with heavy public subsidies), then set prices so high that the vast majority of the world's infected cannot afford treatment.

Next are some snippets from Suzanne's rant on the ever humorous President of the United States:

In Maureen Dowd’s column, she reports on President Bush’s joke-y little visit to New Orleans yesterday, one year after Hurricane Katrina rained injustice on the city. Now, his bons mots were not all that funny - although they do offer up some good moments of “he-did-not just say that, did he? –but when he was approached by NBC news anchor Brian Williams, a truly funny exhange took place...

It would be cool if the American people would wake up and impeach this impish prankster, and then Last Comic Standing could scoop him up for your show. Watching him interact with the other comedians in the house will be gut-busting.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Laura Bush poo poos the idea that her hubby's response to Katrina hurt his image. Please, all of my straight grrl friends, disabuse me of the notion that heterosexuality clogs up your brain cells.


Blogger scout said...

Rage on, my enlightened sister. Impeachment is my fondest hope. Congressional politicians are too divided along party lines to get anything done anyway—may as well put on a circus.

11:52 AM PDT  
Blogger d said...

From an outsider (Canadian) looking in, I hope y'all don't mind my 1.8 cents (2 cents American currency) ...

I cannot believe this man is in office. I couldn't believe it when he was elected the first time - then he was re-elected. Honestly, I was shaking my head on that one. Blame the President - sure, he's a moron, but those votes he got came from even bigger morons. Blind leading the blind - thank goodness he can only serve two terms and lets all cross our fingers and hope his brither stays tucked away in Florida.

1:33 PM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

Impeachment is the only way that we can redeem ourselves at this point Scout. But I fear it will not happen.

And yes, d, let's hope the other Bush idiot does not have designs on the presidency. I don't understand why Americans voted for Bush. But then half the time I don't "get" Americans period.

8:22 PM PDT  

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