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Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Woman's Brain

is a beautiful thing to behold. I cannot remember which blogger led me to this article from the San Francisco Chronicle but it's nothing that we didn't already know.

Louann Brizendine's feminist ideals were forged in the 1970s, so the UCSF neuropsychiatrist is aware that some parts of her new book, "The Female Brain," sound politically incorrect.

Such as the part about how a financially independent woman may talk about finding a soul mate, but when she meets a prospective mate her brain is subconsciously sizing up his portfolio. Or the part describing the withdrawal pains moms feel when they return to work and can no longer cop a hormonal high from breast-feeding their babies.

Brizendine talks about how men think about sex once every minute and women think about sex once every now and again. Well, we didn't need a neuropsychiatrist to tell us these things. Of course, what isn't mentioned in the article (and I don't know if it's mentioned in the book) is that college age people, male and female, think about sex all of the time.

What I know, without reading her book, is that women do not think like men. I knew this back in the late 60's or early 70's when we were all burning our bras. I grew up with 2 brothers for gosh sake. I had a father, a stepfather, grandfathers, uncles, male teachers, and male cousins. Believe me. They were different. And the frenzied height of the feminist movement never caused me to doubt that for one minute.

My interests lay in the idea of equal pay for equal work. In not being a second class citizen. In not being manipulated by being called a bitch, emotional, or unreasonable. It must be that time of the month. That was my cause.

There still remains within our culture the dichotomy of The Other. Us and Them. And it is alive and well in the idea of the superiority of the masculine.

This is where the causes of feminism, racism, and homophobia converge. As long as we insist on putting our energies into deciding which is better, and then subjugating the group(s) who are Other than ourselves, we take our energies away from saving the planet and the human race as a whole.

My jaded half surveys the news and says "We'll never make it there in time." But my hopeful side chooses to believe that the apocryphal tale of
The Hundredth Monkey is true.

I'm not ready to give up just yet.


Blogger Michelle O'Neil said...

Amen Sister!

(I too have hope for the hundreth monkey).

6:32 PM PDT  
Blogger scout said...

Well said, girlie! Stay pissed.

9:51 AM PDT  
Blogger ~ nellenelle said...

*sings* If I onlyyyyyyyy had a brainnnn

6:51 PM PDT  

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