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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Drop Out

Jaz and I have dropped out of obedience training. She remained at the bottom of the class. This was in part my fault and in part because she cannot or will not concentrate in class while surrounded by dozens of people and dogs strolling by the ring and peering in to say "Oh what a cute baby!"

By class 3, the instructor was no longer interested in her and forgot to come work with her while we were practicing "come" and loose leash walking around the store. I figured it was $99 well spent as I gleaned enough to work with her at home on the basics. A rocket scientist she will never be.

I did learn recently that she knows how to hump an arm, something I broke Maggie of by 5 months old by throwing her a teddy bear and teaching her how to hump the bear. This weekend I really need to shop for a teddy bear. Or some other very large stuffed animal with nice fur.

Today at the Funny Farm, I will be tearing out my hair while trying to fill all of the open shifts for the weekend. We had to let one of my favorite nurses go yesterday. Great nurse. Too much personal baggage. She went off on me and the other nurses 2 days in a row. I couldn't cover for her anymore.

And I'm out of work coffee. This means I will have to make a stop on my way and be more late than usual. I have no excuses. Disorganization is my middle name.


Blogger just me said...

OMG! I had no idea you and I shared middle names. So nice to meet you :)
Sorry to hear about things at teh funny farm, I hope you can find (good) replacements quickly.
I wondered how long Jaz was going last for classes, but at least she's cute (or so I am guessing)

8:42 AM PDT  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Late, schmate. Having coffee is all that really matters.

8:46 AM PDT  
Blogger Syd said...

Aaah, close to MY middle name... procrastination.

9:35 AM PDT  
Anonymous Alisha ~ Queen of the High Femme People~ said...

Hey Pammie!
OMG, I feel your pain about trying to get your dog trained.
Mine is 6 months old, 2lbs and the most sweetest gentle thing. *Never has barked either.
BUT - wont come when you call her (generally does, but she has attitude about it) - wont allow a harness/leash - *just puts the brakes on - and generally does what she wants.


But, she is potty trained since 7 weeks, and she's great with kids and all that other jazz.

I dont think I could handle the humping though. I dont think Id ever get over it.


3:16 PM PDT  
Blogger Vanda said...

Hehe Pam, Jazz marches to the beat of her own drum.

3:45 PM PDT  
Blogger ~ nellenelle said...

rofl, Bailey and I were drop outs as well, except that dumb class was like $250. Ya got off cheap!

6:05 PM PDT  
Blogger Michelle O'Neil said...

From the Femail Creations catalog...."organized people are just too lazy to look for stuff."

7:30 PM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

Jaz is too cute for words JM. And actually, she's smarter than I because obviously she convinced me to drop out of school without turning a hair. We are covered for the weekend. Other than that, I always like to quote Scarlett O'Hara: There's always tomorrow ;^)

Let me tell you Cheryl, they don't want to see me before my coffee. It's never pretty.

Haaaaa! Syd, procrastination is my last name.

Alisha! You are the queen grrlfriend. Unfortunately, Jaz is 2 years old and set in her ways. But we will get over this humping business. NursePam just ain't goin' there.

Yeah Vanda. Unfortunately, she's kind of like me ;^)

I got off cheap Nelle. And this darned dog is going to learn how to behave on a leash.

OMG Michelle! I love you :o) I think I'll have a sign made up and put it on my office door.

7:51 PM PDT  
Blogger d said...

I din't realize how many people have *my* middle name!

Seriously, it's probably my biggest downfall - followed by my filthy mouth.

Jazz is such a cute name - what kind of doggie is it?

7:54 PM PDT  
Blogger El Güero said...

I bet she'll learn better at home than at doggie school.

Our house is full of stuffed animals for our two dogs, but I've never seen any humping...only chewing.

1:58 AM PDT  
Blogger Ting's Tang said...

Hey Pam! Dogs have a great way of training us dont they? Hehehe.

Brandy was 18 months or so when I got her and while she understands No and comes when I call thats about it. The rest is her way or nuttin. But thats Ok. I can tell by the affection I get that she loves me and thats what matters.


4:00 AM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

Ah d! I love that filthy mouth of yours. It's always good to know that there are still sassy brats with opinions out there raising their younguns to have a brain.

Dogs have their own world EG. They're probably humping each other when you're not looking ;^)

You're right on Caly. Come is going to be the most difficult command for this one. She seems to be extremely skittish of any hand reaching for her. She is a lover though!

7:45 AM PDT  
Blogger KMae said...

Good call about the rage-aholic nurse. Who needs that shit?

9:28 AM PDT  
Blogger El Güero said...

Ya know...now that I think of it they do do that...not in the house but when we're walking them and a group of dogs comes by and they get excited. I forgot about that!

10:38 PM PDT  

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