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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Breakfast Club

I'm sitting at my computer drinking a blend of Starbuck's Kali Kampung, and Les Beans Salvadore Dolly with my last few beans of Ethiopian Sophie thrown in for good measure. It's a dark, smooth blend with just the tiniest bit of a tang.

Patti and Desiree of
Les Beans coffee fame have a new blog featuring Lola Bean and recounting their travels to Pride festivals around Florida. I'm thinking they ought to head west next year. In fact, I'm thinking they ought to start their real life coffee house right here in Hillcrest (hereinafter referred to as Gay Town).

I have my new
Cafe 67 coffee mug. This is where I get frustrated with myself for not getting on the computer thing. A picture of the mug would be perfect here. It's a heavy black mug with a very cool pink and white logo. I'm stylin' and my coffee is hot.

The Cafe 67
link, by the way, ought to take you to the review I did over at Mr. Breakfast. Now here is a website to make a breakfast lover's heart go pitter pat. It's filled with recipes, message boards, and great places to eat. The next time I take a road trip, I'm going to map out my route by restaurants.

If someone would put a Cafe 67 next to a Les Beans coffee shop in Gay Town they would make a killing. The Silly Deli just ain't all that.


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