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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Of Bodily Functions & BlogHer

Mimi Smartypants is talking about feminism and navigating the white water rapids of gender nazism (my phrase, not hers) in our culture while raising a daughter. After painfully dissecting this patriarchal bugaboo, she decides she may as well write about poop. And it's the funniest poop discussion I have seen in some time:

Nora tells me she has to poop. "Then go," I say. When does this stage of The Toilet Report end? She is fully trained, she needs no assistance, why must I be so very informed on her bowel activity? Anyway, she is in there for much longer than normal, so I go to see if everything is okay.

Me: Are you done?

Nora: I'm waiting.

Me: Waiting for what? If you pooped out all the poop, you are done.

Nora: There was only one piece of poop.

Me: Well, ah, it's different every time. If that's all there is, just wipe and move on.

Nora: Mommy, listen to me. I always have three pieces of poop. This time there was only one. I need two more.

Is it wrong of me to discuss poop and BlogHer in the same entry?

Shannon, over at Phat Mommy, is hosting a virtual BlogHer conference of her own.

Workshop Topic #1: Identity & Obligation

Do you control which parts of your identity are exposed? Do you feel an obligation to represent for your gender, race or culture? Do you feel you’re not allowed to comment on issues facing a group to which you don’t belong?

Discussion Questions:

How do you decide what aspects of your identity you will reveal in your blog: culture, sexual orientation, political ideology, religion?

How do you feel about using your real name? Your childrens’ names?

If you blog about your race, religion, etc, - or even a personally difficult time of your life - do you feel it opens you (and your family) up to attack and/or do you feel it is a wonderful way to promote acceptance and diversity?

Feel free to join in. I will probably answer these questions later during the weekend.


Blogger Donna said...

Hi (Cuz) just popped in to read and was ROFLOL at the poop entry.. KIds do say the darnest things...
You have sooooooooooooo much on here.. Geez thats a ways from when you started.. and was like.. you'll not have anything to say.. Well You go!~ Nice spot ya got here.. I'll be checking it out a bit here and there.. Mine is at a standstill.. I am okay.. by the way.. For now any how huh?LOL..
((((((((Hugs Hon)))))))

11:43 PM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

(((((Cuz))))) You know I can't shut up. LOL!

I check your blog periodically to see if you've posted anything. You and Nony are soooooo quiet.

I see you on LL though. Love ya!

10:30 AM PDT  
Anonymous nelle said...

rofl on poop...

I was in blogher chat yesterday as Denise did play by play of speakers on identity, and will follow your lead to give voice to my own thoughts on this...

11:29 AM PDT  
Blogger ~ nellenelle said...

Donna... is good to see you, sending ya a big *hug*

11:30 AM PDT  
Blogger Donna said...

Haa (Cuz) Nony?... Quiet as me? I dunno.. I think she at least blogs a few times a week huh?.. Lets just say more than me for sure..LOL.. Yes.. I will get back to mine someday soon..Procrastination should have been the heading instead of Reflections..LOL
(((Hugs back))))

9:25 PM PDT  
Blogger Donna said...

Ahhhh ((((nellenelle)))) This name of yours ya know.. drives me batty!~ No offence..it's just me.. For some reason I have to look at it a million times to get it typed out right..Just me is all.. as I said.. LOL..Is good to see you too!~ ((Hugs back))) I have visited your spot too.. I think?.. Haaa.. I have been around in circles at times reading here and there ..just never post.. To tizzy dizzy ..(Me)
(((Hugs again)))) See ya around again I hope..

9:30 PM PDT  
Blogger Donna said...

Oh and (Cuz) I forgot to say.. Haaaaaa That's funny about your shut-ing up..I know there must be some truth in it cause like I said Wow! The stuff you have is busting out the seams on here.. Either you can't shut up or your fingers love to move.. Tap Tap Tap Typing...

9:33 PM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

LOL Donna! Ask the people who have to be around me all day. Sometimes they just have to tune me out ;^)

7:41 AM PDT  

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