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Saturday, July 29, 2006

I Cannot Stand It

What makes Ann Coulter so special? She cannot tell one state from another, she cannot get her facts straight, and she pawns herself off as a serious intellectual when in fact she is nothing more than a very bad cabaret comedy act.

She called Al Gore a fag. Ooooooooh. I'm tellin'!

The woman is a glorified schoolyard bully. She's from the poo poo and pee pee school of insult. And she isn't much more than a C student when it comes to her knowledge base.

Or perhaps she is a very smart lady who thinks that dumbing down endears her to her right wing fan club. In which case they ought to consider dumping her like a 3 month old casserole that's been forgotten in the back of the refrigerator. There's a stink somewhere but you just can't find it.


Blogger KMae said...

She is fucking sickening.
Pardon me while I HURL!

8:28 PM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

*stepping out of KMae's line of fire*

10:22 AM PDT  
Blogger El G├╝ero said...

I despise Ann Coulter. But she knows who butters her bread, and she panders to them.

1:19 AM PDT  

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