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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bull SHIT!

At the risk of being brow beat by disabled rights activists, here is my question: What do you do with a 380 pound quadriplegic when your hospital has been evacuated, you are surrounded by flood waters, cut off from supplies, and the cavalry ain't a comin'?

From Truthout:

Fury Meets Katrina Hospital Arrests
By Richard Fausset and Ann M. Simmons
The Los Angeles Times
Friday 21 July 2006
Doctors defend the accused: "The people who were not here" are to blame for deaths.

New Orleans - This week's arrest of a doctor and two nurses who stayed through Hurricane Katrina to care for stranded hospital patients - but are now accused of killing four of them - has prompted a strong backlash in the medical and legal communities here...

[Dr. Anna] Pou, 50, and nurses Lori L. Budo, 43, and Cheri A. Landry, 49, were booked Monday on suspicion of second-degree murder for allegedly injecting patients with lethal drugs at Memorial Medical Center on Sept. 1. It was three days after Katrina struck New Orleans, leaving the city in chaos and deep water. There was no electricity, water or phone service at the hospital, and only a few rescue boats were available for evacuations...

"By personal accounts from nurses, doctors, administrators, and support personnel who knew Dr. Pou and had worked with her closely in the months before Katrina, her work during the crisis was 'heroic,' 'selfless' and 'distinguished,' " Nuss said in a prepared statement. "With other dedicated doctors and nurses, she worked without sleep and without nourishment…. At great self-sacrifice, she prevented further loss of life and has been credited with saving multiple people from dying.

"Apparently there were individuals in the hospital who could not understand why so many people were dying," Nuss' statement continued. "Allegations were made, egregiously accusing Dr. Pou and the others of giving too much narcotic pain medication, and even using the word 'euthanasia.' This attracted national news coverage, which became absurdly sensationalistic..."

Investigators allege the suspects killed four patients - all residents of a long-term care ward - with a drug cocktail of morphine and midazolam, which is commonly used to relieve pain and anxiety among long-term-care patients.

In an affidavit, a witness alleges that Pou said "lethal" doses of the drugs would be given to a number of patients on the ward.

Among the patients was a 380-pound paralyzed man who was "aware, conscious and alive," according to the affidavit.

Did they have the right to euthanize people? No. Did they? We don't know that. But we weren't there dealing with the aftermath of Katrina were we?

While we're at it, why not put GW on trial for being an accessory to murder. After all, he ignored the call when it was sounded. He has a huge share in the fact that those people were left in an untenable situation and without help in the first place.


Blogger Syd said...

That is fucking bullshit! At least with the facts that we have.

11:11 AM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

This is true Syd. But I am betting on the side of Dr. Pou and the 2 nurses.

3:40 PM PDT  
Blogger ~ nellenelle said...

But how do you really feel, Pam? ;-)

I agree it is a bit ridiculous to start filing charges when all they have is suspicion, and everyone else was hiding under a bed somewhere.

4:33 PM PDT  
Blogger Syd said...

Me too, Pam.

Dr. Pou...{giggle}

8:46 PM PDT  
Blogger G. L. Gross said...

Hey Pammie,

As far as the quad is concerned, I would say, get a wheelbarrel and you and several of your male staff and just roll the person out.

(Other readers of Pam's blog, I'm a disabled person. I take this in good humor

12:16 PM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

That's all well and good SB. But where would they put him? Remember, there was no one there to take these folks to safety. You don't weigh 380 pounds. We could just sling you over the back of a mule and carry you out like a sack of potatoes ;^)

I am really interested to hear the story of what really happened while those folks were cut off from civilization.

9:03 PM PDT  

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