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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Woman on the Edge

I cannot believe that I picked the absolute hottest time of the year to take some vacation time. It has been over 100 degrees every day for a week. I don't know where the temperature is being read but it's not here. The weather sites say that our high today was 93. Nope. It was 102. Last Sunday the staff tells me it was 110. On Monday it was 108. Our thermometers are in the shade.

This was not necessarily poor planning on my part. For one thing, usually August and September are the hottest months. Also, I was planning to attend my uncle's 75th birthday party in Illinois. That is, until I remembered I cannot stand his kids.

The air has been so hot that your skin burns when you walk into the sunlight. Yet it's so humid that clothes stick to your wet skin in hot, messy clumps of cloth. Even your toes sweat.

On Tuesday, just to tease, we got about 3 minutes of rain. Fat drops splashed around the earth and were soaked into nonexistence within nanoseconds. I yearned for cool mountain air. I dreamed of splashing in an ice filled pool.

I came home Tuesday evening to ants crawling all over the kitchen counter. Having nothing else to kill them with, I used flea and tick spray. It seemed to work.

This morning I overslept and didn't even make coffee. I stopped at 7-11 for a medium cup of black mountain blend and a large bottle of Propel fitness water with vitamins. Then I spent the day working like mad to begin my vacation early. I did not want to see the afternoon shift.

The thought of hearing one more complaint or solving one more problem made my head hurt. I put out the licensed nurse schedule for July on my way out last night. This morning, on the 29th of June, there were no less than 5 new requests in my box for July. What goes on in people's heads?

One of my nurses forgot that she had Jerry Seinfeldt tickets. How in the hell do you forget something like that?

Working with this bunch is like feeding a pride of starving lions. And the name of our unique facility mythology is Fifty First Dates. Every day is a new day. It's too darned bad that I can remember yesterday. Were it not for that I would probably be at least 50% less stressed.

I have lists and lists of things to accomplish on this few days off. I keep hearing my sister's voice in my head: "Yep. Make sure that place is clean and ready when I get there." Maybe I could postpone until 2030. She might be too old to make it by then.

I was thinking I might work on my typepad site. But I tend to overestimate my stamina. At this very moment in time, however, all I can think about is snow.


Blogger Sandra said...

oh my. that's a lot. the ants too. i really hate ants in the house. we finally resorted to grants ant sticks. they REALLY work.

i hope things have settled by now. you have a stressful job, the vacation is well deserved. dig in and enjoy it.

i miss snow too. not a summer gal myself.

10:45 PM PDT  
Anonymous Screennametaken said...

Hey, if you want cold move to england.Summer here lasts approximately 3 weeks...its currently coming to its untimely demise right now i think.

I so understand about the work thing i'm waiting for a well deserved summer break myself. The last few shifts are always the longest and most infuriating.

Oh,i finally made a profile on the LL board!....i'm so proud of myself hehe. If you ever get time feel free to criticise or give it marks out of ten.

Take it easy!

3:38 AM PDT  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Here's wishing you a cool breeze and rain, only at night, for your vacation. I won't wish you snow because you know you'd be bitching about that in no time flat. Enjoy your time off!

7:35 AM PDT  
Blogger just me said...

Enjoy your time off. Do something fun and just for you.

The weatherman is always wrong about how hot (or cold) it really is. Just think it coudl be worse, you could be in hell where last weekend it was 119 for us.

10:15 AM PDT  
Blogger KMae said...

Okay, you need to chill, you've worked too hard. I tend to take cool baths in the heat. Also, we went out & got an above ground pool, only 4 ft, & puddle around on a raft a lot. you can get cheap 3 ft plastic ones that set up easy in Walmart or toys are us. I tell ya, it really helps.

11:28 AM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

Those ants are about to be permananently run off. There is construction happening behind me and next door which I think is the real reason for their current relocation ;^)

Hey S! I read your profile and it's great. You are such a bright and fun young woman. It's a pleasure seeing on LL :o)

Haaaaaa Cheryl! I wouldn't bitch if it only lasted 2 0r 3 days. I'd be outside trying to make snow angels and dressing Jaz up in little boots and coats.

I was in Vegas one time JM (and not by choice). I decided I could live with never going there again. It's kind of like my feelings about Disneyland. The thought gives me nightmares.

I don't think they'll let me set up a pool here unless I build a screened in porch Kmae. That is in my plan down the road though. Good idea. Thanks :o)

1:06 PM PDT  
Blogger Sangroncito said...

Have a wonderful vacation, Pam!

2:37 PM PDT  
Blogger Mom101 said...

Oh I feel your heat-related pain. I ended up in a SC barrier island in August a few years back. 100+ every day, to the point where after 10 am we had to be inside and couldn't go back onto the beach til maybe 4 or 5.

Hope it improves.

(And hey, thanks for visiting my bff online. Maybe she'll make your "favorite lesbians" roll one day!)

5:10 AM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

Oh wow Mom101! She's a lesbian? Sheesh. I'm getting worse at reading people. I read one post that made my gaydar beep but one can't always be positive ;^)

9:56 AM PDT  

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