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Friday, May 26, 2006

Who's In Charge Here Anyway?

Me? Or the dog? Probably the dog. After all, she is 5 pounds of cute fluff and I am just another boring old broad. People see the dog and I cease to exist.

Not that I am helping the situation. Did I talk about the pink bag here? It's like a shoulder bag that she can ride in. I took her to work with me last night. I had her in the bag. Everyone went nuts. A hot pink purse with a little fur head sticking out. What's not to love?

Usually, when I am leaving on a Friday afternoon, the residents tell me to have a nice weekend. This afternoon, most of them were only wanting to know if I would bring the puppy back on Monday.

Tomorrow afternoon we will begin our six week basic training course. This trainer uses the clicker method which I am anxious to try. I'm excited. Jaz isn't saying much.

This evening, after another rough day at work, I decided it was time to party old people style. I stopped at the video store and picked up a copy of TransAmerica. I have a pint of Ben & Jerry's. I have my dog and a 3 day weekend. Sort of.

I still need to finish the nurses' schedule for June. They hounded me so much today that I simply could not finish it. Even though I was at work by 0730. So I am duty bound to go in one day over the weekend to finish it up.

In the meantime, I brewed a cup of Blogger's Pajama Passion. It features vanilla, kahlua and caramel flavors. And I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. It's a mellow blend with just the right amount of flavor to satisfy your tastebuds without the aftertaste one often finds with flavored coffees. This is a coffee you can snuggle up with to end your evening on a sweet note without any sugar. In my world, this classifies it as a health drink.

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Blogger Sandra said...

The dog is most definitely in charge! Sounds adorable. I hope your training goes well. We didn't try the clicker method, but someone in our class did, it was interesting. Enjoy the weekend! :)

10:43 PM PDT  
Anonymous loubie said...

I'm SO thrilled you've got a new lil dog, Pammie. Sounds like you're for a bit of re-training yourself lol!

4:57 AM PDT  
Blogger Ting's Tang said...

Hey Pam!

Love to hear what you think of TransAmerica. Kirche and I loved it.

And if you dont know by now that dogs are in charge.... *giggle


5:28 AM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

Hey Sandra! This trainer says that she has found that the clicker method is particularly useful with those dogs who are a wee bit wild.

LOL Lou! Yep. I'm going to have some training myself. In fact, I'm already being trained. My best hope is that I can level the playing field.

Caly, I LOVED TransAmerica. I cannot think of anyone other than Felicity Huffman who could have pulled this off. Her performance was breathtaking. In fact, the entire cast was wonderful.

For the writer to create the character of Bree as the uptight spinster aunt type was, I think, a stroke of genius. She was so endearing. And the story was deeply moving. Bree's struggle to connect with her son was wonderfully wrought. And that she was able to recognize that she needed to let him find his own way was the perfect ending to the story.

9:59 AM PDT  
Blogger Ting's Tang said...

I agree Pam,
Bree as a character was endearing. The fact that she didnt have it all down perfect and that was OK really spoke to the trueness of what people go thru.

Felicity Huffman was awesome!


8:56 AM PDT  

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