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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Still Chattel After All These Years.

Just how sick are we as a society? Pretty damn sick.

As many have suspected, this Think Pink for breast cancer awareness campaign that is so ubiquitious around the highways and byways of America has less to do with breast cancer research and more to do with corporate profits than most would imagine. What's bad for women is good for big business.

Twisty sent me to the Think Before You Pink site. Take a look if you care where your donations go.

Redneck Mother found an article that sends Orwellian chills up and down my spine:

Guidelines: Treat Nearly All Women as Pre-Pregnant
By January W. Payne
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, May 16, 2006; Page HE01
New federal guidelines ask all females capable of conceiving a baby to treat themselves -- and to be treated by the health care system -- as pre-pregnant, regardless of whether they plan to get pregnant anytime soon.

Pre-pregnant? Bad enough that we are on the verge of prosecuting those who do not worship the Pre-Born. Now some folks think that all women of child bearing age ought to be kept in some sort of cage? It makes my skin crawl.

Kinja, the weblog guide


Blogger just me said...

Off to read the links. Even just the exert (is that the right word just wrong spelling?) makes my skin crawl....

1:39 PM PDT  
Blogger Pat Kirby said...

Oh, Lord, the perpetuo pregnancy thing squicks me out. Yeah, well my vaccinations are out of date and I wish I had a cat so I could do the cat poo thing. So there...Pffft!

Somehow, I doubt our dreadful infant mortality rate has any real correlation to kitty litter. Poverty, inadequate pre-natal care, yes. Cat shit...not so much.

So are nuns pre-pregnant? How about lesbians?

I'm pretty much anti-magnetic ribbon. What the bleep is the point of those stupid ribbons? "Awareness"? Anyone who hasn't been pummelled by the (false) notion that our breasts are dangerous globes about to spread cancerous pestilence thoughout our bodies, has been living under a rock.

Number one killer of women? Heart disease, no?

2:25 PM PDT  
Blogger ~ nellenelle said...

I just had someone else put this article in front of me, and posted it to the board... Margaret Atwood intends to haunt me for the rest of my days.

5:30 PM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

Jeez Pat. I think you hit that proverbial nail on the head. Let's just procreate in a glass bottle and get it over with. It's a wonder we humans got this far.

To think I spent all those years as pre-pregnant and had no clue. And yes, heart disease is the number one killer of women.

Hey! JustMe. Have you regained consciousness after reading the rest of the article? *fanning frantically*

8:25 AM PDT  

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