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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Quick Note

She said it was a God thing. Last night I met the sweet lady, her son, and their little Yorkie named Jaz. She said she got chills when I told her the whole story of how I heard about their puppy. She had no idea I had lost Maggie so recently.

The next stop for Jaz was going to be the Humane Society. The last person who was going to take Jaz changed her mind because she decided she wanted a "Teacup" Yorkie. Gag me with a spoon.

Jaz looks nothing like Maggie. This is a good thing. I cannot replace that little love machine. But she does need someone who understands the whole Yorkie thing.

Tuesday night I ordered an urn for Maggie's ashes. I wept while I picked the urn, decided on what to say on the little brass plate, and completed the checkout.

Today I pick up her ashes. Saturday morning, Jaz will come home with me for a trial run. It's a bittersweet thing.

I have a very strong feeling that Jaz will join our family.


Blogger kitty litter said...

Thats wonderful Pammy.....you need a new boss in the house!

8:58 AM PDT  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Oh, {{{Pam!}}} I'm so happy and sad for you at the same time. It must be so hard to be thinking about bringing another little furry love into your heart and trailer so soon. My heart goes out to you.

Great luck with Jaz! I hope you love each other and this transition goes smoothly. If you ever need to talk about it, feel free to e-mail.

It took me nine months to bring Sadie into my life after I had to say good-bye to my beloved Patches. I still haven't done what I planned to do with Patches ashes, scatter them in a really good snow at our old homestead. This winter, I will.

I still remember how raw I felt after Patches' death and for how long. Be strong. You can love them both a bit for now. Maggie would be happy you have a new friend, Pam.


9:59 AM PDT  
Blogger just me said...

I love Jaz's name. I am glad that you found her, or she found you which ever way you want to look at it. My heart hurts for your loss of Maggie....

10:29 AM PDT  
Blogger Vanda said...

And Maggie will be looking over the Rainbow bridge nodding her approval.

1:06 PM PDT  
Blogger Sandra said...

I agree with Vanda, I know Maggie would approve.

Life will go on....but I am still so sorry for your loss.

10:10 PM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

You're right Kitty. NursePam without someone to keep her in line is like a hurricane without an off button ;^)

Thank you so much Cheryl. Raw is the word for it. It is as though she took a piece of my heart with her. And it is hard. I think you, Vanda, and Sandra are right. Maggie just loved every living creature human and otherwise. I think she would approve.

And thank you Just Me.

((((hugs)))) to all of you.

10:21 PM PDT  

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