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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Life in the Fast Lane

I just received word from the Social Security Administration that I won't be able to retire with my rations of dog food and my 15 year old Nissan Sentra until I am 70 years of age. My first thought? Pity the poor folks who are under 30. Because every year they are pushing the retirement age higher.

This is Uncle Sam's way of telling you that if you are young and foolish (as most young people are) that you can look forward to sucking up pablum on your lunch break at the end of this century. Keep up those computer skills folks. That way, when you can no longer walk, you can earn a few pennies at home instead of sitting on the streetcorner in your wheelchair crying "Alms for the poor."

That is, if we aren't paying $1,000 per month for internet access.

It's pretty darned sad to think that I am happy to be older instead of wishing I were young again. It makes me wonder what sort of world we have created for the children. And I have to ask, why aren't they teaching Retirement Planning in high school yet?

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Blogger Cheryl said...

Agreed, Pam. I've always figured I'd need to work until 70 in order to receive my full Social Security benefit. I'm increasingly concerned about that bar raising even higher for someone my age. I don't envy my son and daughter-in-law, let alone my new grandbaby. They might be working into their 80's! I hope we've all inherited the longevity gene from my maternal grandfather and his family.

4:43 PM PDT  

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