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Thursday, April 13, 2006


We have 2 kumquat trees on our property at work. And Anjue loves kumquats. Every year she picks those trees clean. Toward the end of the season she brings a fruit picker so that she can reach the topmost branches.

I spied her as I walked through the parking lot at dusk this evening; a thin figure in red and white, dragging a plastic chair. Her left hand was full of fruit. We met halfway and she insisted that I take some from her. I am not a kumquat fanatic but I took them home, washed them, and ate a couple.

They were sweet, juicy, and had the slightest hint of bitter. They go quite nicely with my Napa Valley chardonnay.

Being the nerd that I am, I went searching for kumquats and found StarChef.com. The recipe that appealed most to me was the Chocolate Sorbet with Candied Kumquats by Chef Daniel Humm of Campton Place – San Francisco.

On a food related note, I found Waiter Rant, an amusing and well written blog by a professional waiter. He has an amazing following. Having been in the food service industry myself for about 10 years, his posts bring back fond, and not so fond memories.

Kinja, the weblog guide


Blogger kitty litter said...

I have always wanted to name my next dog Quat...
*soozi stand on the back deck as the sun sets calling softly.....*
"Kum Quat"

5:02 AM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

LMAO! That's my Soozi. You crack me up.


7:12 AM PDT  
Blogger Pat Kirby said...

Kum Quat. Snerk. (Of course, my obscene mind plays havoc with that.)

Waiter's Rant is pretty cute. There's an article I read this morning where top CEOs say you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat the wait staff. So true.

9:15 AM PDT  
Blogger just me said...

Please post how sorbet comes out. Did teh box come today?

And LMAO at Kum Quat, that almost made me spit coffee out on my monitor soozie.

Oh and I forgotto add, with dinner I had wine last night, it was a red called "fat bastard" it was good and I thought of you. (b/c of your post about wine)

2:48 PM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

Hey Pat! I think my mind started to go in the same direction as yours. It's not always pretty inside my head.

And JustMe, if ever I get unlazy enough to make that sorbet I'll let you know. My version would just be to mix the fruit in a pint of Ben & Jerry's NY Fudge Chunk.

I have been thinking about trying Fat Bastard. I would like to tell my coworkers that I'm going to go home to suck up some fat bastard just to see what they make of it ;^)

The box didn't come. But I finally received an email to tell me it's on the way.

9:06 PM PDT  
Blogger Cheryl said...

I loved Waiter Rant. This guys pretty funny! Also, the attitudes he writes about are no different from those we get in the ER on a nightly basis. The top pushes their subordinates and it eventually trickles down to the people I get to see, who are now venting their frustrations on me. It's not easy being at the bottom of the food chain, and no imitation pussy cats to make it feel better! : )

11:04 PM PDT  

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