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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Is There a Happy Medium?

From Sojourner

Abortion: A Way Forward
The politics of abortion has been dominated by extreme views on either side, but now voters are looking for solutions, not slogans.
by Amy Sullivan

At the tender age of ten, after being exposed "to the to photos of fetuses and to testimonies by [my Baptist] church members who had marched in front of abortion clinics"...Amy Sullivan had an interesting thought:

"...I just couldn’t believe that women and doctors were running around killing babies for no reason. There had to be another side to this story. It couldn’t be that simple."

Lawmakers and politicians on both sides of the fence are scrambling to create inclusiveness in their parties as an antidote to the extreme political divisiveness within the abortion debate. This is creating all manner of strange bedfellows. But it comes out of need. The average American voter does not view the abortion issue in such extreme black and white tones.

The feminists are angry because they believe that such a move on the part of the democratic party is a first step in undermining the women's rights platform. The fundies are angry because they believe it signifies giving in to the forces of evil.

But somewhere in there, there is the obvious. Abortion is not an easy concept. Most people do not take it lightly. And most are not in favor of abortion on demand under any and all circumstances.

Face, even your dentist won't necessarily pull your tooth simply because you demand it.

Life is complicated. Abortion is complicated. I don't necessarily like any of the politicians involved. And I certainly question their motives. However, we need to open up the debate. All of us need to at least listen to some things we do not necessarily want to hear.

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Blogger just me said...

I don't think abortion is complicated. I'm sorry I don't. My views are very narrow minded, it's my right, my body. That's it. I feel that it doesn't matter what my reasoning, it is my right. I know I should at least listen to the other side but like I said I guess I am narrow minded.

10:43 AM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

LOL! Don't say bad things about yourself. You have very clear ideas and opinions about the subject.

And I don't disagree with you. It's your right and your body. What is complicated is the fact that we live in a democratic and a pluralistic society with multiple points of view.

While women are struggling to hang onto their rights, some are trying to strip us completely of the right to even consider abortion.

It's time for women to have a dialogue and keep the men completely out of it.

While we may need to have some laws and some regulation surrounding abortion, the question of when life becomes a human being is a moot point when discussing the group of cells we call an embryo. Well, that's the story in NursePam's world anyway.

I want to hear sane, rational reasons for disallowing abortion. From sane, rational women. Not from hysterical fundies who are lockstepped into their man's POV.

10:56 PM PDT  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Amen, Pam! Although abortion is and should remain a woman's right, as everyone should have the right to self-determination, there need to be viable, sane alternatives! Real assistance for single mothers who choose to bear their children, real access to health care and birth control, free or greatly reduced-cost safe and reliable child care, jobs that earn a living wage!

I've worked in Gyn and OB. I've cared for and helped women while they were going through a termination. I had an abortion myself, many years ago. That alternative needs to stay. But I still detest abortion used as a method of birth control. What makes me even sadder, though, is seeing the woman who has two children, who would really like to keep her third but doesnt see how that's possible for her. That's not right. She needs real help, not preachy fundamentalists who support her through the pregnancy then drop her and her baby like hot potatoes once the baby is out of her uterus.

Okay, I'll shut up now! ; )

6:29 AM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

Cheryl, I'm right there with you grrlfriend.

8:35 PM PDT  

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