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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Immigration Redux

I have probably said all that I have to say on the subject for the time being. However, there are others floating around the blogosphere who still have some insightful, incisive, and important thoughts on the subject. Therefore, I continue to read.

Lifted straight from Jenn over at Reappropriate, here are portions of her eloquent post on this very subject:

Tacos and Chow Mein

When you get right down to it, America has been plagued since its inception with a particularly foul Nativist movement, that insisted upon a better-than-thou attitude towards emigrants from other countries. From the forced "immigration" of slaves, to the importation of coolie labour, to the current attitudes towards the Mexican underclass, the Nativist sentiment suggests that White people -- who, also, immigrated to this country from another in search of a better future -- are somehow more entitled to the American Dream than others. And back in the day, they were willing to use any means, including the law or a bullet, to protect it...

America was founded as a working White Man's paradise. But I think the strength of this country is how the toil and action of its citizenry have endeavoured to transform it into something more -- an ideal more universal, more all-encompassing, and more optimistic than the history of its parts. Again the Nativists are trying to return this country to its darker, bigoted and hateful past -- I think it's not only our rights as, all of us at one point, landed, legal immigrants, but our duty to protest this movement.
[Emphasis mine]

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Blogger Mocha said...

Such a good post! I don't weigh in on such issues often, but what I mean to always say is that we're not a melting pot. We didn't really melt together since we're still so separate. Maybe more like a salad. Each ingredient is its own and has it's own flavor that you can pick out.

We just gotta keep the everything IN the salad and stop picking favorites.

Like nuts? They are my favorite things in a salad. Oh. And bacon. Croutons!

Damnit. I'm hungry here and trying to make a sincere comment. But, you knew what I meant.

8:38 PM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

You are absolutely right Kelly. We are not a melting pot. And I'm not so sure that that is what we want to aim for.

I had this great chicken salad sandwich yesterday with, of all things, currants in the mix. It gave the salad the neatest burst of sweetness.

I like having all sorts of people around me. In fact, since I get to do the hiring, my nursing staff reflects my personal preference for mixing things up :o)

10:04 PM PDT  

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