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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Granny's Got A Protest Sign

and she knows how to use it. This article by Cindy Sheehan:

NYC Raging Grannies Go To Trial.

...[the grannies] tried to enlist in the Army last October and were arrested for blocking the entrance to the recruitment center in Times Square. Their average age has to be somewhere in the high 60s with the oldest one being 90. Eighteen of them came to trial today, and they proudly marched slowly (many with canes and walkers) up to the defendant benches to defend their and YOUR rights to peaceably gather to dissent from a government who has gone way out of control, and to express their disgust with the Iraq war and to stand up and be counted and say: "You are not committing these crimes in our name!" We need to distance ourselves from leaders who are war criminals to not be accused of this ourselves.

Where can I sign up? And where is Thoreau when you need him?

Kinja, the weblog guide


Blogger ~ nellenelle said...

Oh, they gave a fine accounting all on their own, and yes, you would be wonderful as a Raging... it will be several more years yet for me.


Seriously, I love what they are doing, and wish more people would contemplate the message they are sending.

2:18 PM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

When I am old, I shall wear purple.


8:39 AM PDT  

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