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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

You Go Sandra!

Thanks to Renegade Mom for this link:

Retired Supreme Court Justice Hits Attacks

Supreme Court justices keep many opinions private but Sandra Day O’Connor no longer faces that obligation. Yesterday, the retired justice criticized Republicans who criticized the courts. She said they challenge the independence of judges and the freedoms of all Americans. O’Connor’s speech at Georgetown University was not available for broadcast but NPR’s legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg was there.

Nina Totenberg: In an unusually forceful and forthright speech, O’Connor said that attacks on the judiciary by some Republican leaders pose a direct threat to our constitutional freedoms. O’Connor began by conceding that courts do have the power to make presidents or the Congress or governors, as she put it “really, really angry.” But, she continued, if we don’t make them mad some of the time we probably aren’t doing our jobs as judges, and our effectiveness, she said, is premised on the notion that we won’t be subject to retaliation for our judicial acts. The nation’s founders wrote repeatedly, she said, that without an independent judiciary to protect individual rights from the other branches of government those rights and privileges would amount to nothing. But, said O’Connor, as the founding fathers knew statutes and constitutions don’t protect judicial independence, people do. [emphasis mine]

Is she saying what we have been thinking? Please go read the rest of the story. Death threats, attempted and actual assassinations of judges and their family members? Shades of the abortion doctor killings.

It would seem to me that we don't need to worry about outside terrorists. We ought to be concerned about the terror that lives within. O'Connor is calling it as she sees it and telling it like it is.

The Emporer is nekkid baby.

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Blogger ~ nellenelle said...

I was thrilled to read this story last week, it is fun to watch what happens when there are no longer any impediments to speaking out (as with Eisenhower as he left office.)

If Sandra were 20 years younger, we'd be talking her into running for president.

2:34 PM PST  
Blogger NursePam said...

>If Sandra were 20 years younger, we'd be talking her into running for president.

I wish Nelle. I wish.

7:33 PM PST  

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