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Thursday, March 30, 2006

That's Entertainment!

For the sheer entertainment value, I recommend that you check out Oliver Willis this morning. The fur is flying on the issue of racism in America; the dismal fact that one day us white folk will be a minority, and *horrors* what if English one day becomes our secondary language. You have to read the comments. First you must plow your way through the initial 4 or 5 written by Frank who, as always, is protesting that he has been misunderstood and misinterpreted.

And while you are sifting through his commentary, remember that this guy is studying to become a professional counselor.

The next 2 citations are not "ha ha" kind of entertainment but rather of the more thoughtful variety.

Jenn is giving commentary on the series Black. White. I found this comment particularly gripping. Definitely something to chew on while you eat your cornflakes.

Rose realizes that you can't try to be a race, you are a race and that this show doesn't get you any closer to being another race than you were without your native-born skin. In fact, that whole conversation between Rose and Carmen is something I appreciated: it illustrated not only the futility of this project, but also what little of a happy-go-lucky, after-school message we might get from this show. In other words, if you want racial harmony, you must respect difference, respect your own identity, respect boundaries, respect what cannot be yours, and realize that a certain amount of racial friction is not only possible but in fact an integral part of that harmony.

White Bear, guest blogging over at Bitch PhD is talking about journalists and empiricism:

One of the things that drives me absolutely batty about the notion of a "public sphere" is that we seem to take for granted that what journalists tell us is true, even when it conflicts with our own experience of the world. I'm not saying that journalists are bad people or anything, just that we assume that they go out and experience the world, see things, talk to people, experience life fully and thoroughly, and then give some kind of accurate account of it to us. What many journalists do instead is make patterns, connections, and assumptions out of the empirical experience of others.

I just snatched that paragraph because it appealed to me. One thing my dad taught me that absolutely has stuck with me throughout my life is this: Don't believe everything that you read, hear, or see. Take it in but think for yourself. Respect your teachers but don't believe that they know everything or that everything they say is true.

That concept has made for an interesting life.

Kinja, the weblog guide


Blogger Mocha said...

Oh, gosh. I tried reading Willis but got blocked by our firewall, hopped over to read about Black.White. and finally read some of Bitch PhD (whom I really like) during dinner.

And now?

Now, I come back here to say you've given me so much to chew on that my jaw hurts. And I can't POSSIBLY put into words these three postings & comments into anything intelligible. Not. Gonna. Happen.

But thanks for making me think today. A noble feat.

9:18 PM PST  
Blogger NursePam said...

ROFL! I think I can hear your gears grinding all the way out here on the left coast. But I don't imagine that's anything unusual in Kelly's world ;^)

I love Oliver Willis. He's a wet behind the ears pup with a whole lot to say and he takes on all comers. Hope you can get through to his site one of these days.

BTW, had to edit my post 'cause it was White Bear guest blogging over at B's Place.

10:49 PM PST  
Blogger Pat Kirby said...

Human beings of any color can breed with human beings of a different color and produce fertile offspring...e.g., we are all the same bloody species.

Another bit of stupidity from the racists...that there is a white race. There isn't. Up until a few decades ago, The Irish, the white, pasty Irish, were view as non-whites. In fact, in some cases, blacks were held in higher regard. In some circles, Hispanics are considered white. It's all relative.

Anyway, I love the way "Frank" says he won't be back to comment more...and a few post later...like a big old weed, he's BAAACK!

8:24 AM PST  
Blogger NursePam said...

LOL Pat! Today he said something about people who come to the thread to say negative things about him and then never return to read his response.

And I should care about his response because?????

You are correct in your comments on issues of race and how we have perceived it historically. Anyway we are all the same race (human). We just happen to come in different colors.

11:02 PM PST  

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