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Friday, March 31, 2006

Red Red Wine

I have something of a Friday night tradition here in the Little Tin House. I like to have a bit of good cheese with a sourdough roll and a taste of wine. Tonight it was Red Bicyclette Syrah. A dry, fruity little wine, it's a French product bottled here in California by Gallo.

I was caught by the jaunty Frenchman cycling along the yellow label. The price was $7.99 (after the $2.00 discount I received by using my Von's card).

Gallo has grown up along with me. The company used some very sophisticated marketing techniques to find and market this gem. It was supposed to be a kind of soda pop wine, I think, designed for those younger and more hip than I.

Surprisingly, it was the perfect accompaniment to my North Devon cheddar. I must confess to some bias here. Gallo and Boone's Farm were the cheap wines of my college days and misspent youth. In my middle aged comfort, I would not have dreamed of touching anything Gallo.

It would seem that Gallo has outdone itself and produced something that even an old broad could love.

Happy Friday bois and grrls.

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Blogger Kim said...

*grinning at the 'Boone's Farm'*
Me too!!
*hugs* ~

6:09 AM PST  
Blogger Kim said...

*grinning at the 'Boone's Farm'*
Me too!!
*hugs* ~

6:10 AM PST  
Blogger just me said...

That my dear is one of my ALL time favorite past times. I will have to check out the wine, thanks for teh heads up ;) !!!!

4:13 PM PST  

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