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Friday, March 24, 2006

Edwards and the Poverty Game

Salon.com has an article on John Edwards "work" on the growing divide between rich and poor in this country. Of course it begs the question: when will he get off his booty and do something about it?

Remember, I was around during the 60's and 70's for The War on Poverty. There were a whole lot of programs that pretty much amounted to nothing. Community centers sprang up like dandelions in poor urban areas. Local talent were put into place as directors and teachers. They offered art classes, basic health care, and forums for politicizing the communities.

Since they depended on grants to continue operation, many eventually withered and died. Not that people didn't try to keep them open. But often the monies were mismanaged and the government lost interest. And they didn't provide people with job training, food, clothing, or shelter.

The War on Poverty lost momentum as the poor disappeared into the background, looking good in their K-Mart clothes and McDonald's poundage. Urban areas became gentrified and the poor scattered. Or they lived in third rate housing, hidden one block over from the Starbucks and the little French bistro where Yuppies flocked with their new found wealth.

So when will John Edwards put his money where his mouth is? I don't respect him for talking about this great divide. I won't vote for him until I see him actually dive into the fray and get his hands dirty.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I just came across this page and wanted to tell you about what Edwards has been doing.

He actually started a model program in the poorest N. Carolina county where every high school kid who works 10 hours his/her first year of college, has proper credentials to go to college, will get to go to college tuition free.

There are a lot of other things Edwards is doing too, not to mention that he took about 700 college kids with himself to New Orleans over spring break to help with the rebuilding effort. He is also leading minimum wage raise efforts in several states.

Check out his website and blog for a lot more: www.oneamericacommittee.com

9:05 AM PST  
Blogger ~ nellenelle said...

Well said. And for all the faults of the Kennedy family, I was and still am proud to have supported RFK, who did get involved, and worked to make a difference. His son now runs an oil operation in the Boston area that provides discounted oil to those in need. He gave up a seat in Congress to do this.

When John was running for president here in the primary, I wrote to his campaign, this on same sex marriage. Are you for us, or are you equivocating? The answer was clear and the latter. Same from Kerry. Only Carole Mosely Braun stood by her beliefs, not pandering for votes, and she got mine.

6:46 AM PST  
Blogger NursePam said...

OK anonymous. You win. He spent a week in Louisiana with 700 college kids. That certainly puts his score ahead of Dubya & Co.

I would have to research his track record much more thoroughly however, before I gave him my vote, especially in light of Nelle's comments about his nonstand on gay rights.

BTW, that blog of his was only thrown together last month from what I can tell.

10:16 AM PST  

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