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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

No Link Between Fat and Breast Cancer?

This fad began when someone discovered that Japanese women had a much lower incidence of breast cancer than did American women. After a flurry of studies, conversations, and conferences, it was decided that it was primarily the low fat content of the Japanese diet that protected Japanese women.

Americans, already being predisposed to rushing headlong into any fast cure for anything, rushed headlong into the low fat diet mode. Never mind that this breast cancer being on the rise thing is a relatively new phenomenon and linked to a whole lot of factors other than diet.

Hello! The Japanese have a different diet altogether. A different culture. A different environment. And oh, by the way, their incidence of breast cancer is on the rise. (So long and thanks for all the fish).

But JAMA has published yet another of their famous studies that will have the dieticians, doctors, and health nuts slavering all over them.

I have news for you. We're all gonna die someday.

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