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These are the mad musings of a middle aged woman, dyke, nurse, poet. I have a dog, a cat, a mobile home, and delusions of grandeur.

Location: California, United States

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I'm Late. So Sue Me. (Stuff Portrait Fridays)

Actually, I saw that Kimmie was playing awhile back but I was into other things. Then whaddya know but this blog, Random and Odd, pops up again in my end of the b-sphere.

Disclaimer: No portraits will be forthcoming. My friend's drunk boyfriend fixed my computer which is now shaky at best. The images on my screen are out of focus and wave at me. So I can't see them well enough to know if I am posting a pic of my house or a pic of the dumpster. I am probably still in the dog house with my LL friends who have yet to see all of the 2004 Meet and Greet pics.

On to the questions.

~ What you love most about your home
It's MINE! ALL MINE! I can tear it up and put it back together again. I can have polka dotted walls if it suits me. I can rip out the carpet. I can gut the damned thing if I like.

~ What you love least about your home
Well. It's a mobile home (read trailer). It's not a for real house but then when did I ever follow the nice middle class white grrl code anyway?

~ What you love most about yourself
Physically or spiritually? Ummmmmmmmmm. Probably that I am open to and accepting of differences. Anyone can live in NursePam's World. As long as they give me my space.

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