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Thursday, February 09, 2006

I Choose Starvation

I'm sure that's what the child in a third world country would say given a choice between supporting the biotech companies by eating genetically altered food and eating nothing at all.

In a New York Times article yesterday, it is reported that there is a disagreement between the World Trade Organization and Friends of the Earth. According to some news leaks, the WTO says that the European Commission is dragging its feet in bringing genetically altered foods to European tables.

"Adrian Bebb, a campaigner on genetically altered foods at Friends of the Earth Europe, said, "The W.T.O. has bluntly ruled that European safeguards should be sacrificed to benefit biotech corporations."

My first question is why does the WTO have a say in how Europeans control the safety of their food? My second is to the Friends of the Earth: Why do you think it's just another capitalistic plot to make money?

Children are starving. Biotechnology is not all bad and it's not all good. So what is? When are y'all gonna quit arguing and figure out how to feed the children?

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Blogger ~ nellenelle said...

A conundrum! On one hand, we know just enough to be dangerous.

When it comes to feeding the world, we ignore the idea now, focusing on monetary elements. We have a president who cuts funding for social services, in one example meals for seniors, and recommends huge increases in defence spending. It's obscene.

6:51 PM PST  

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