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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Brokeback Mountain Takes Red States By Storm

He who laughs last, laughs best. The reception that Montana has given to the film gives me hope and the courage to continue beating the drum of tolerance.

From Salon.com:

Feb. 2, 2006 "For months now, a chorus of televised talking heads has been predicting that the vast majority of Americans wouldn't stand -- let alone stand in line -- for "Brokeback Mountain." Bill O'Reilly, who memorably promised that red-staters would stay home, predicted, "They're not going to go see the gay cowboys in Montana. I'm sorry. They're not going to do it."

"Brokeback" isn't doing well only in Missoula [a college town known as a haven for liberals, hippies and artists]. In Kalispell, a stronghold of conservatism in the northwest part of the state, the film opened last Friday and took in $3,656 at the box office its first weekend, a draw Focus says it's "very happy" with. In the equally conservative ski town of Whitefish, where the film also opened on Friday, it was the weekend's top draw, taking in $2,312 and beating out "Big Momma's House 2," "Nanny McPhee" and "Underworld," the top three national box-office draws. And a rep for the company calls the film's performance in Billings, a traditional farming community in central Montana, where it has taken in $26,065 since opening on Jan. 13, "absolutely phenomenal." "Brokeback" is also doing well in Great Falls and Bozeman, and last weekend opened at No. 1 in Helena."

"I don't know where [the pundits] got the idea that we wouldn't want to see this movie," said Donna Frief, a 59-year-old school secretary from Lolo, Mont., who went to see "Brokeback" in Missoula last week with her daughter and granddaughter. Frief said she "could have done without" some of the more explicit love scenes, but added, "I thought it was just a really beautiful love story. And so sad. It really helped me understand more about the feelings that [gay people] go through."

What's this? A conservative grandmother develops empathy for 2 gay cowboys? That alone ought to send some of the right wingers reeling into a frenzy of diatribe against the Gay Agenda and its proponents. The last thing the wingnuts want is anything that will humanize gay folk. It blows their whole argument right out of the water.

I cannot help myself:

neener neener neener!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm quite familiar with two of those 'conservative stronghold' towns. Wondered, when I visited at Christmas, if the movie would even SHOW there...

I expected Missoula would play well. Now though, I recall the home of a lesbian couple being firebombed there in 2002.

How awful it is to worry, that, any kind of attention at all will reignite hatred..

My faith in mankind has taken such a beating.
*sigh* ~ Nony

4:03 AM PST  
Blogger NursePam said...

Awwww! Nony, I have faith that somewhere along this uneven path we will find, if nothing else, some sort of truce. My faith lies not so much in mankind as in womankind. (((((hugs)))))

6:23 AM PST  
Blogger Pat Kirby said...

As I mentioned on my blog, "Brokeback Mountain" is at its heart a "chick flick." The target audience is women and gay men. (Even my progressive, gay friendly husband, isn't interested in the movie.) As we women make up half of the population, that means a pretty healthy draw at the box office.

Chick flicks in general don't do as well at the box office, but recoup any losses in DVD sales later.

One can hope that this will humanize gay men (really, the focus of much of the Right's homosexual hatred), at least in the eyes of women. Lesbians are curiously absent in much of their [wingnut] anti-gay retoric. (Perhaps because Bubba has a closet full of girl-on-girl porn.)

6:30 AM PST  
Blogger ~ nellenelle said...

Have faith, it happens everywhere, nony. Even in this part of the country... a guy walked into a gay bar two days ago and opened fire, this in Massachusetts.

6:39 PM PST  

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