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Sunday, January 01, 2006

What Goes Around Comes Around

True story from one of my nurses. When her daughter was about 4 years old, mommy was in high dudgeon while scolding said child thoroughly. When she was finished, the child said to mommy: "Why do you talk to me like that? You better watch out because when I grow up and you grow down, I'm going to be mean to you."

Mommy asks "What do you mean when I grow down?"

"You know," says the little girl. "When you get old and walk like this." At which point she bends over and shuffles like an old lady holding a cane. It is stunning to realize that a 4 year old already understands emotional cause and effect on any level.

It's a cute story. With dark undertones. It reminded me of what a friend of mine used to say: "You had better pray that the people who are taking care of you when you are old, senile, and helpless weren't abused as children."

Here's a newsflash for all of you. Huge numbers of those on the front lines in your local nursing home were abused as children. Many have overcome the trauma and are kind and gentle caregivers. Many are still lost in the past often unable to even recognize when their actions are abusive.

If the care, feeding, and safety of children is not number one on your personal hit parade, then I do hope that you are preparing yourself for a rather grim old age.

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Blogger ~ nellenelle said...

Great point... all of this has connection, abuse begets abuse, and we break it by resorting to the most basic and simplest of things... our humanity, and the humanity of others. When we function on the humane level, it all works so wonderfully... and when we don't, it gets so very ugly.


4:08 PM PST  
Blogger Seabiscuit said...

I'm a little bit on the zippy side due to much consumption of caffeine. So, ignore me if I'm a bit zanny.

Your post reminded me of two memories. One is a very recent memory of the movie, Walk The Line (Johnny Cash true story). You gotta go see that movie. And, if you don't go to movies, you should rent it when it comes out on DVD. If I were closer, I would take you out to the movie myself (minus my zippy caffiene) but the drive's a bear.

Anyway, in the movie, Johnny deals with issues that he experienced with his father. I left that movie with all kinds of thoughts in my head. I won't share them here because it is too much for a comment post.

The other memory was one of the time I spent in group therapy after my suicide attempt. I visited this group on my own. It was a group of people with OCD, schizophrenia, etc. Fascinating group of people by the way. All very caring and understanding- supportive. Anyway, one meeting we had a group speaker. She wasn't very good, or at least that was the consensus of the group after the meeting. We all told about our reason for being there. I was there due to panic disorder.

Well, this is funny...After telling her about a my panic attacks (caffeine is not good for me either LOL), she says..."Did you know that you have already used up half of your heartbeats for your lifetime?"

So, see I'll probably not have to worry about growing old. LOL After tonight's zippy caffeine, I'll have used up 3/4 of my heartbeats. LOL

Take care. Nice post too!

6:19 PM PST  

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