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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Understanding Warp Speed

A friend of mine is outlining a total meltdown in her blog. Adding insult to injury after a holiday season of stress, her academic job resumes at what she calls warp speed. I often ask myself how it is that I chose a profession in which nothing ever stops moving.

Multi-tasking is my middle name. Not that I'm very good at it. I simply have no choice.

Imagine this. I am so caught up in my job that it is a stress for me to take a break this evening to see The Lion King at a downtown theater. Although we purchased tickets last summer, the best we could get were in the nosebleed section. Nevertheless, I ought to be just a tiny bit excited by this.

We're meeting at the apartment of one of the women for a glass of wine with some cheese and fruit before driving to the theater. My 3 companions are in a frenzy of excitement. I am simply feeling pushed.

"Self," I say to myself, "get over yourself." It doesn't seem to work.

I am already worried about how to beat feet out of the facility at a reasonable time with visions of a thousand hands grabbing at my shirt tails to hold me back.

Poor me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you manage to enjoy your evening out? I sure hope so, cos it sounds like you needed it!!
*hugs* ~ Nony

3:19 AM PST  
Blogger NursePam said...

Visual feast does not even begin to describe the experience. The play ought to be described as an international treasure. I think I could watch it 6 times a year and not tire of it. Highly recommeded.

9:30 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like something I'd love. Once had the pleasure of seeing Cirqe du Soleil and I imagine Lion King onstage being even more sumptuous!! It's nice to hear you had a good time :)
~ Nony

4:03 PM PST  

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