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Friday, January 27, 2006


This has been a week where I actually got some things accomplished at work and in my personal life. I won't bore you with the list. But there is some good news.

My vet is returning on February 7 after giving birth to triplets on October 1. I switched Maggie's appointment for the end of February from the snippy little Brit back to Dr. Ford. Dr's Fincham and Birdwell are no more in my little Universe.

If I ever had any doubt that my poor dog reflects my inner landscape, that doubt is gone. Within days of our first visit with Fincham and Birdwell, Maggie had horrible diarrhea. Now that Ford is back, Maggie's little poops are becoming normal again. Scary to think that my personal insanity has such an impact on another living creature.

Friday is jeans day which means I don't have to worry about what to wear.

It rained last night while I was sleeping.

The nurses' schedule is in order for the weekend. Please, please, please don't someone have a nervous breakdown before Monday morning.

I'm thinking the Olive Garden for dinner. If only I can find a partner in crime.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad Maggie's poops are better.. and I really hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

~wishin me an' Loubie could accompany you to that dinner. We make excellent partners in crime :))
~ Nony

8:30 AM PST  
Blogger ~ nellenelle said...

I'll go too... lemme catch the next flight out!

Rained overnight, eh? In November, 1985, my ex was in LA on business. I flew out a few days later and joined her, bringing her aunt along with me. (Her aunt is really nice, and a lot of fun.)

We decided to go to San Diego for one day, T wished to go to Old Town. OK... we left LA, and stopped in what I think was Laguna and stayed overnight. At some point during the night I recall rather fogilly hearing water running out of doors, and thought the lawn was being watered.

Wrong. In the morning, we woke to find it was raining like hell. We set out southward, and wouldn't ya know but the defroster in the car did not work. And just north of San Diego, a tire went flat.

I get out, grab the jack and discover the tire is so mangled, and positioned just so, the jack will not go under the vehicle.

And I'm soaked.

Ready to wrestle a bear, deciding it isn't my car, I drove 3 miles to a gas station... on a bad tire. We get out and go inside...

and guess which idiot locked the keys in the car?

I ask the attendant if he has a flat bar. Nope. He gives me a coathanger.

SO it's out to the car in a monsoon, trying to open the car with the coathanger. A cop pulls up to the intersection, I wave, and ask if they have a flat bar. "Sorry, we aren't allowed to help..."


For 45 minutes (did I mention it was raining?) this went on... no luck. I go inside. The attendant hands me a flat bar.

Dreams of flat bar over his head dance through *my* head.

Door is opened. Car is brought in, tire changed, and it was off to Alamo to confront them over a car with a bald tire.

The bad news? San Diego gets 8 inches of rain a year. I was there for 2 of em... in one day.

The good news... the sun came out as we wandered Old Town.

2:05 PM PST  
Blogger NursePam said...

I can think of no better company than you 3 scallywags. I think we might still be partying.

That sounds like a nightmare trip Nelle. And just for future reference. November is winter out here too ;^)

2:17 PM PST  

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