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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

RIP Phil

The attempts to rev up a filibuster to block the Senate vote of Sam Alito's confirmation to the Supreme Court bodes ill for any of us who value the Constitution and the right of the citizens to make their wishes known.

If you do not understand what a filibuster is all about, go to the Save Phil! website for a simple lesson in American history.

If you still do not understand the importance of the filibuster, perhaps your 10 year old can explain it to you. All we need is to tip the balance on the anti gun side and we could wipe out your right to bear arms.

All of us who value the Constitution and who value the history of this country; and value the process which has grown out of 2 and 1/2 centuries of the growth of our democracy need to take a good hard look at our proclivity to shut out the minority in any debate.

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Blogger ~ nellenelle said...

I'm really sickened by the power of the religious right right now. I've been writing a rant, not yet published, based on an article in the Post yesterday... on right of refusal. Apparently some states would go beyond pharmacists and allow refusal of lgbt folk.

This country is in one ugly frame of mind. Really showing that religious spirit, eh?

6:57 PM PST  

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