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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bitch Session

So I was yanked out of bed somewhere between 0215 and 0230 this morning by a nurse telling me that my office was flooding. The maintenance guy was on the way and only I can get into my office after business hours. Imagining what could be the worst, I slid out of my pajama bottoms and threw on my jeans and a pair of shoes.

Wearing the same sweat shirt I wore to bed; unbathed, hair uncombed, and with fuzzy teeth, I unceremoniously dumped the dog in the kitchen and took off into the night. I arrived at 0245 and checked the damage with Dan who looked no better or cleaner than I. His only advantage is that he lives almost next door.

I rescued everything that was on the floor while he gathered the wet vac and some tools to fix the overflowing toilet. While he worked on that, I made rounds of all three cottages.

When Dan was finished, I went into my office, booted up my computer, and proceeded to work. Later, I helped trouble shoot a broken medication refrigerator and then audited and corrected the new admission charts. I sent the daily schedules for the weekend to staff development. In other words, I worked for six hours on just over three hours of sleep.

When the administrator came in I said "OK. I've been here since before 0300. I'm going home.

She looks at her watch. "What? Only six hours?"

"I didn't get any sleep," I replied.

"What do you mean you didn't get any sleep? Didn't you go to bed last night?"

At this point I am failing to see how my bedtime is any of her bloody concern. "Of course I went to bed. I went to bed at eleven and they woke me up in the middle of the night."

"Don't yell at me!" She says.

Of course, if that was "yelling" then she yelled at me first.

"Well I'm sorry. I'm tired. I have been working all night on three hours of sleep."

I did not elaborate on my lack of grooming and hygiene. Although I added "And my dog hasn't been fed."

"I don't know if my dog's been fed yet either!" she says. As though this is important because a) her dog does not require medication and b) her husband is there and will feed her dog before he leaves for work.

"I have to go." I told her. And off I went.

The fact that the housekeeper was shampooing my carpet, thereby rendering my office unusable for the rest of the day was not considered important either. I guess I was supposed to wander the facility unwashed, uncombed, and stinking for two more hours just to make her happy.

But I fussed and fumed all the way home. I was livid. I'm still pissed. What in the hell is her problem? I didn't arrange the leak. I don't usually fall asleep before eleven because I so often receive phone calls up until the night shift comes in at eleven. I have explained this to her numerous times. I don't fall immediately back to sleep when they wake me up. Her standard response always is "Oh I do."

I have no idea why she believes that this means I have a choice. Nor do I understand why it matters how many hours I work today when my ten and twelve hour days don't bother her. She gets way more than her money's worth out of me. I need to think about this for awhile because it is obviously time to set some clear boundaries with the boss again.


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Anonymous rosie said...

Well, bless your heart. I think you deserve to told thank you. So, I want to be the one to do so. I know that means very little in your situation. I can relate in the feeling of giving quite more than you get back to an employer and then get a shrugged shoulder when you deserve a pat on the back. But, you are one of a kind. Your boss knows it whether or not she properly displays it.

Thank you.

4:45 PM PST  
Blogger NursePam said...

Thanks Rosie. Ya know. I know she appreciates me. It's why I'm still there. She has her individual craziness like most of us do. Hers seems to be barking at people on a regular basis, especially when she's nervous about something. Right now we're embarking on a pretty big project and she is under the gun financially.

I'm not going to let her completely off the hook for this one. But even a work "marriage" requires one to look the other way on occasion ;^)

6:25 PM PST  
Blogger G. L. Gross said...

Personally speaking, you boss doesn't know how lucky she is for having someone like you come into work at the times that you do. She should be on her hands and knees thanking you, and giving you three dozen roses, and as much of your favorite ice cream that you can eat.

Some bosses just don't know how good they have it. If I could employ someone like you, I would hire you on the spot.


1:10 PM PST  

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