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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Athana's Take On Abortion

From Athana's blog, Radical Goddess Theology:

“Goddess religion recognizes that to value life as an un-tempered absolute is ridiculous – it is to maintain the right of every cancer cell to reproduce blindly, of every sperm and every egg to unite a new embryo, of every flea and cockroach to populate the world endlessly. Life is interwoven in a dance of death, the limiting factor that sustains the possibility of new life….

“The concern of the anti-abortion forces is not truly with the preservation of life, it is with punishment for sexuality….” (emphasis mine)

From an excellent article in Charlene Spretnak’s highly laudable The Politics of Women’s Spirituality: Essays on the Rise of Spiritual Power within the Feminist Movement, “Ethics and Justice in Goddess Religion,” by Starhawk.

Yeah. What she said.

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