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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stupid People Are Alive & Well

Somehow I stumbled into this little world of journalists and media people who blog. They're fascinating and informative if you can wade through some of the "I Am Journalist Hear Me Roar" self aggrandizement.

One interesting kid,
Oliver Willis (who for a 27 year old guy is pretty OK as well as smart) publishes some great snippets of political commentary. By the way. If you are over 40 and are not keeping track of the under 30 crowd, you aren't too savvy. They are, after all, going to be running our planet shortly.

In response to one of his commentaries, someone posted a website: whitepeoplesparty.com. Honestly, I don't consider this humorous at all. This is the flip side of free speech. I get to post about being a dyke. They get to post about being rabid racists. I fail to see the connection. Other than we get to say what we have to say. I'm sure there are those who see me as trying to pervert America.

To me perversion has little or nothing to do with consensual sex between 2 adults. In my world, hate mongering of such epic proportions is grossly perverted. Not to mention dangerous.

Anyway, Oliver has a blog called
Like Kryptonite to Stupid. Today he points me to the Washington Monthly where one of our best and brightest is quoted thusly:

Nativist Republican congressman
Tom Tancredo recently wrote a Thanksgiving letter to his Team America PAC expressing gratitude for their help in the "struggle to preserve our national identity, against the tide of illegal immigrants flooding the United States."

So you see. It is not just rednecks living in Utah or the Appalachians who are promoting this sort of garbage. It is also the leaders of the free world.

All those who feel all warm and toasty inside after reading this, raise your hands.

Kinja, the weblog guide


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