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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Plan B Hoo Haw

It is unbelievable to me that the Christian fundamentalists have actually blocked the over the counter sale of Plan B, the morning after contraceptive. Apparently, the FDA was all set to allow this to happen even though President Bush had requested it not be allowed to go OTC.

Being a post menopausal lesbian, I don't much follow birth control issues. But Gina's posting caught my eye. And the very next Sunday, there was a piece on CBS 60 Minutes.

There happens to be a Fundie gynecologist by the name of David Hager who was asked by the Bush white house to consult with the FDA on the issue of allowing PlanB to go over the counter. Although he claims that his religious leanings have nothing to do with his concerns about the morning after pill, here is part of an address he gave at a Christian college:

“God has used me to stand in the breach for the cause of the kingdom.”

When later questioned about this, Hager said:

“I argued it from a scientific perspective. And God took that information and He used it through this minority report to influence a decision. You don't have to wave your bible to have an effect as a Christian in the public arena.”

What is it with all of these people talking to God? And what is with this moralistic microscope on society. I thought we left Great Britain to get away from all that. And no offense to my Brit friends because they seem to have surpassed us in terms of social growth and development.

If you haven't noticed, the brunt of this moralistic idiocy always seems to fall on the wimmin folk. If she gets preggers at a young age, she shouldn't have the option of saving her life from a stupid mistake. She should know at 15 years old that every action has a consequence and if she doesn't know, then by God she'll learn responsibility by having a baby.

I don't care how many sensitive teen movies of the week they do on teen fathers. They aren't stuck in quite the same way the girls are.

And if perchance you did not bother to read up on PlanB, it is not an abortion pill like RU-486. It merely prevents implantation. And if we are going to go so far as to consider this immoral, then we had better start putting women in jail for wasting eggs every month when they menstruate.

In the famous words of my boss, some people are "fucking idiots."

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What you said!

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