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Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Peter Principle

That's the one that says anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. So I get halfway through season one of the L Word and my DVD player crashes and burns. Then I find out that my almost never used back up is also dead. Courtesy, I suppose, of the ex-housemate (currently a jailbird).

That solves the mystery of how it went from the guest room and into the garage. My Saturday did not start out that way. It started with a phone call saying that the large cottage had only one licensed nurse. And not just any nurse. My favorite Head In The Sand And Only Do What Is Absolutely Necessary Nurse. My It Wasn't My Fault I Did The Best I Could Nurse.

I had visions of bodies everywhere while this guy went to lunch. Visions of crazy residents with shivs and brass knuckles yearning to breathe free. I had no choice but to spend the day babysitting him.

But it does not end there. The nurse who manipulated her way into a 3 week vacation over Thanksgiving called this morning to say that she would not return to work on her first scheduled day back as she "has an appointmen" (which of course she made after she flew back into town). It must be nice to not give a damn about your job.

And as I sit here typing, I hear the mellifluous voice of my lovely African Queen over the answering machine, informing me that she must wear a head scarf as her wigs are causing her hair to fall out. My boss detests, hates, no abhors those things. It is my assumption that the young lady anticipates that I will deliver the news to my boss on the morrow.

Deliver the news I shall. After which I shall retire to my office to tackle my mountain of paperwork and wait for the mushroom cloud to appear over East County.

In the meantime, I am forced to find other modes of entertainment as I wait for my new DVD player to arrive, courtesy of Overstock.com. Along with the second season of the L Word.

I need lots of relaxing distraction when I am home. Otherwise I will either kill a nurse or quit my job.


Blogger Seabiscuit said...

(((((((Pam)))))) You need a long massage, chocolate, and gentle kisses.

I'll blow you some kisses~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hope your week improves! Hugs!

4:20 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think 'ohhhhmm'. Think 'I am stronger than this crap'. LOL.. that's what I do when work gets to me, and I don't have NEAR the responsibilities nor headaches I imagine you face.

We loves ya Pammie. Keep your chin up and your smile handy! *many hugs* ~ Nony

1:11 PM PST  

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