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Monday, November 07, 2005

I Need A Twelve Step Program

For Christmasholics. I have to say, there's a lot to love about the holidays. But the buying frenzy makes me nuts.

A few times the family has made a pact. We will either buy for the children only, exchange names, or give to charity and make beautiful cards for each other. At the last minute someone always caves and begins the buying binge. Of course this means we are all sucked in. In any good dysfunctional family you have your bingers and you have your enablers. I think I fall into the enabler category.

In my Book of Rules it's too darned early to be thinking about Christmas. We haven't yet carved the Thanksgiving turkey. But the stores are loaded with Christmas items. Even my local supermarket has gone crazy, tearing up the entire store to make room for bangles, baubles, and useless junk in red, green, silver, and gold. It happened, literally, overnight.

One day I was shopping for rice and goat cheese. The next day my cart came to a screeching halt as I rounded a corner to the Asian food aisle and ran smack into Christmas.

I would like to run an intervention with my family but I fear we are too far gone for that. I would be ripped limb from limb by the Christmas fanatics among us. And of course Auntie Pam could not tolerate being thought a Scrooge. So I will no doubt break the bank again this Christmas.

If you have found a more sane alternative for your family, please write.

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Blogger Ginny said...

I shop at Orientaltrading.com. Everyone gets the same thing, but in a different color. One year I did tropical fish. Everyone got a stuffed fish, 2 pencils, 2 bookmarks, and a few other odd things... And I spent less than $2 per person. The site even sells inexpensive goodie bags to "wrap" everything in.

This year I found small flashlights 6/$4.95 at ltdcommodities.com (don't order from there unless you want to wait forever for your order), so everyone is getting a flashlight... And I'll supply the batteries, too.

I still buy small gifts for my parents, my youngest niece, and a few friends... But I don't go overboard like I once did... My niece is just happy to have a gift to unwrap.

Good luck, and have fun. LOL


9:43 AM PST  
Blogger Ting said...

I was a binger until last year, wanting my DDs to wake up to a room full of presents. I've cut waaaayyyy back. I set a budget this year and have stuck to it pretty much. I also bought a lot of stuff online, which has kept me out of stores. One of our department stores has had decorations up since mid-October. Good luck!

10:30 AM PST  
Blogger NursePam said...

Good ideas ladies. Ginny, I'm going to check out your sites. Thanks!

6:54 AM PST  

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