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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Getting My Groove Back

I have come to some decisions. They are not necessarily sudden although they may seem so. They are ideas that have been percolating in the back of my mind for quite some time now.

The Rehab Director at my job told me recently that she is going on a 2 month leave of absence to do rehabilitation work at a hospital in India. She will be doing physical therapy with patients and looking into the possibility of helping them start an occupational therapy department.

I told her that I had had a life long dream of spending a year or 2 in a third world country working as a nurse. Visions of a female Albert Schweitzer I guess. I have been an administrative nurse for so long that I would need to take the RN skills refresher course offered by our local Regional Opportunity Program.

Anyway, this is only slightly removed from what has been roiling around my head. My bodywork days have been tugging at my skirt like orphaned children. "Pick me!" they cry.

I was navigating the blogosphere for ideas when I came across Z. Budapest's blog and online Dianic University. For a small fee I could study Goddess Religions with a famous and well respected woman. At first I thought the site offered a degree although I never would expect it to be accredited. On closer inspection, I realize it is for learning purposes only. Now there's a concept.

Learning just for the sake of learning? Simply for the joy of gathering knowledge to use for the greater good? How fun! What is my rationale for wanting to study this subject? The way is long and winding but perhaps I can condense the story of my path.

I have decided that when I retire I will not earn extra money working as a nurse, or even as a nurse consultant. I want to do bodywork which is something that I love. It noursishes my soul. And being that it is a spiritual calling, delving into the spiritual can only enhance the experience.

I was telling someone at work that I need to do a U turn in my life and go back in the direction of the things that made me happy. Not back into the past. But to the pastimes that gave me joy.

Nursing is my security. The laying on of hands is my joy. I love to teach. But writing fills me up.

I am going to take that U turn and head back to my bliss before my soul is pickled and my body will no longer cooperate.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like that you're planning on a future that makes you happy. It's the way I like to picture you, Pam.. giving and getting extra in return. This can be the cherry on top of your whipped cream ;)

*hugs* ~ Nony

5:16 PM PST  

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