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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Christmas Blend Comes But Once A Year

I love Christmas. Actually, I have a Love-Hate relationship with Christmas. Besides the decorations, the Christmas carols, and parties spent far from the dysfunctional noose with which the Family entwines its members, I find Christmas to be so commercialized that I sometimes wish I had been born in a third world country where people understand the true value of the material.

Last night I discovered that The Holidays have landed at Starbucks. The annual Christmas Blend coffee has arrived. Along with eggnog chai, pumpkin spice, and chocolate mint lattes. Every year I buy at least 5 pounds of the Christmas Blend for myself and friends. Sometimes I buy 5 pounds for me and a few more pounds for friends. That way I can enjoy the taste treat all year long.

A few years back they switched this favorite of mine to something called the Holiday Blend. In actuality it is the exact same coffee. I suppose it was an attempt to be politically correct. I was miffed. I didn't care if they wanted to add a Channukah Blend. Or a Kwaanza Blend. But don't mess with my Christmas Blend.

The Christmas Blend, in its bright red and silver foil package was returned to me the next year. I would never have forgiven Starbucks had they not done so. I am a creature of tradition and of habit. Do not mess with my habits.

They still sell the Holiday Blend. I'm OK with that. Reconizing that Starbucks did not even exist until I was a mature adult, Christmas Blend is now a significant piece of my personal history. I expect that when I am in my dotage, they will continue to present me with this annual gift.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds yummy, might have to see if it's available here ;)
~ Nony

9:34 AM PST  
Blogger NursePam said...

It certainly ought to be available there. If not, try Starbucks online store ;^)

11:40 AM PST  
Blogger Seabiscuit said...

I saw the Christmas Blend advertised just recently...before you posted about it on your blog. I actually thought of you and wondered if that would interest you. Now I know. :)

5:56 PM PST  

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