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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Woman Thou Art Loosed

It really is too bad that it took me until this point in my life to realize that I need to plan my sick days. While making my list of things to accomplish for the weekend, I noted that it probably was not going to happen.

When I first took this job, my boss told me to take my sick days. At the corporate level, it's use them or lose them. Everyone else can cash out at the end of the year or when they terminate. Not us. They go into the Benefits Black Hole.

Did I listen? Of course not. NursePam is the responsible one. The one who plods hopelessly on while all others fall by the wayside. Actually, they just stay home and watch Days Of Our Lives. (Like sands through the hourglass. These are the days of our lives).

On Friday, out of nowhere, most of the department heads did not come to work for one reason or another. NursePam, being the caring and compassionate person that she is, volunteered to take calls for the Staff Development Director who lately looks like hell. I have taken somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 or 30 calls this weekend over one crisis or another.

Well, duh!

While making my rounds of the grocery store, the pet store, the video store, the bookstore, and the ever ubiquitous Starbucks, I stewed. Then stewed some more.

It occurred to me, quite suddenly, that I now had 4 movies, 3 books, and a car load of groceries. I could either spend the rest of my Sunday doing laundry, having my hair cut and doing the dishes. Or, I could take a sick day and act human like the rest of the world.

Tuesday seems like a good day. Mondays are always a bad day to be out. Wednesday is our quality assurance meeting. Thursday is the corporate operations meeting. And Friday is always iffy.

One of the movies I picked up is entitled, Woman Thou Art Loosed. It somehow seems appropriate. I am going to take action on behalf of myself. Perhaps, if I just pace myself a bit, I might make it through the holiday season without my usual knock down, drag out, world cup flu.

Woman! Thou Art Loosed!

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Blogger Worm1962 said...

You go, girl!!!

7:23 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tuesday today. I hope you really HAVE taken the day off. The world has a tendency to take from us until we say no. Used judiciously, a no isn't being slack or irresponsible, but more a tool for asserting which direction WE wish our lives to take.

Tell me you stayed in your jammies half the day!!
~ Nony

3:21 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with Nony....hope you stay home and in your pj's for the day!

5:35 AM PDT  
Blogger NursePam said...

Unfortunately my dear friends, I forgot that today is payday, and a big one at that. We are having our Oktoberfest BBQ for the staff and the Safety Wheel of Fortune comes from the corporate office.

I did turn off my alarm and sleep until 0800. And I will go in about 10:30. Now I am thinking Friday. An even bolder move.

9:37 AM PDT  

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