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Monday, October 31, 2005

Today There Is No Inner Me

With my first phone call at 0630, I knew I would be screwed today. My facility has multiple personality disorder. No one can figure out what we do.

We're a nursing home but we're psych. We have crazy people but they aren't acutely crazy. We fall under the nursing home regulations but we don't do the fancy medical care.

Over the weekend we dealt with one acutely psychotic patient who was assaulting people. And one crazy old man who is very ill with a serious infection. The hospitals would keep neither of them. One because we're psych and they think we can do the same things they can. The other because we're a nursing home and they think we can do the same things they can.

At the insistence of my boss, I will be running around dressed like a clown so that everyone will have fun. I will be trying to get these 2 guys taken care of while wondering just exactly why I allow my boss to force me into these things.

Who needs a halloween costume? I have a ready made Nurse Suit that I wear every day. The pockets are filled with intuition, organization, facts, and some compassion. But it never feels like Pam when I wear it. I suspect that this is how it feels to be a mother sometimes.

There was a line in a movie I watched this weekend: "It's not who you are inside that matters. It's what you do that counts." Something like that.

I just wish, some days, that the 2 could be a bit more congruent.

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Blogger Seabiscuit said...


Just wanted to give you a hug. I hope your day improves as the hours pass.

9:44 AM PST  
Blogger Pat Kirby said...

Yowza. What a day!

Work would be okay...if it weren't for the people. Hee

10:23 AM PST  

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