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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sadie Full of Grace

My sweet friend Sadie-Mc is stepping down as co-host of my favorite message board. I have had the great pleasure of watching her, over a nearly five year period, grow from a shy lurker, to a full participant, and finally to step into the board host position.

She has done an amazing job with a very high spirited and head strong group of women. Now she has found the love of her life and needs to devote time to her budding relationship, as well as to her son, her job, her IRL friends and family.

I had the unique privilege of driving with her, just one year ago, from Houston to the Great State of Vagina. We had a Dueling Banjos moment in Redneck, Mississippi. And we followed God into Richmond.

We got lost trying to find Kim and Court's home in the dark. On the return trip, we hit torrential rains through the mountains. And Sadie forgot to bring her glasses on the trip. I still cannot believe she did all of that driving half blind.

She gave me a small peek into the inner life of Sadie. Both the joy and the pain. It was a rare gift from a very private person. I would like to think, had I been blessed with a daughter, she would have grown up to be like Sadie: beautiful and strong, bright and independent, sweet and loving. With a good dollop of spice.

So long Sadie. I'll see you at the wedding.

Kinja, the weblog guide


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