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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Psychotherapy & PsychoBabylon

Or, one could say Psychos Babble On. I'm kidding but there is rancor beneath the surface. I have spent decades on the couch and I must say that, overall, I am none the wiser.

The 12 step program, Adult Children of Alcoholics, was a bit more helpful for learning how to organize my social and spiritual life. Body work helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin. Literally.

But there is a secret that no one tells you. Other than the relationships that we manage to build with other people, there is nothing much else that lets us feel whole and complete.

Those houses of relationship may be shacks in the bayou or they may be mansions in the sky. But face it, it's all we've got.

When Hurricane Katrina ripped through Louisiana and Mississippi. When the houses were gone. When the jobs were gone. When the televisions, computers, DVD players, refrigerators, cars, and Play Stations were under water, what did everyone do?

They looked around to find their people. Their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, friends, co-workers, cousins, and neighbors. In that split second between life and death, they knew what was their most precious possession. It was their relationships. The people who are the glue that help to hold their lives together and give them meaning.

Not much important happens in life without the people who surround us. They hold up a mirror to show us who we are. The give us comfort. They challenge us. They cheer us on. They tell us when we are wrong. They tell us when they are right. They give us glimpses of love. They allow us to love.

Psychotherapy is OK. But it won't give us the secret to life. For that, we have to travel the back roads and highways of relationship.

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