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Friday, October 14, 2005

Just For Today

Just for today I will be calm. Just for today I will maintain my equilibrium. Just for today, I will not allow the "future gremlins" to get in the way of the here and now. I have a full plate.

It's Friday. I have a new nurse to mentor. A new assistant to set on the right path. Payroll is closing over the weekend. The Holidays are coming. The nursing supplies must be out before I leave. Patients need my attention. The daily schedule must be reviewed for the weekend.

There are only 8 hours in the day. Well, 10 or 12 in mine. My boss will try to steer me in one direction. The Staff Development Director will have projects she wants back from me. The activities department probably has me scheduled to teach the medication class to the residents.

Where am I in all of this? I sometimes begin to feel panic in my chest at the thought that my own life is dripping away, like a leaky faucet, while I put bandaids on everyone else.

Just for today, I will be in the moment. Life somehow has a way of working out.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

*screeching in with THE biggest bandage EVER*...

Right Nursie, where shall I start? ;)

You hang in there, my friend. Hope it all panned out okay and didn't take too much out of you.

Love ya hon ~
Loubie x

2:26 AM PDT  

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