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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hierarchy & Reality

I am living proof that the smartest people are not necessarily the people on the top of the heap. Take J. for instance. She is an L.V.N. (practical nurse in some States). Newly minted and thrilled to have realized one of her dreams. She has a vocabulary that would send you to the moon and back. I'm pretty bright and I don't understand half of what comes out of her mouth.

J. is 43 and just graduated, having worked 20 years as a lab tech, a nursing assistant, and at a variety of other low level medical jobs. Her dad is a doctor. Her sister is a doctor. She said to me the other day "I'm just a loser."

That remark couldn't be further from the truth. She's a delightful, funny, bundle of energy and joy. And I have no doubt that my IQ pales in comparison to hers. But she is definitely on a different path than I.

A piece posted on Radical Goddess Theology got me started with this train of thought. According to sources cited in this piece, the ancient Minoans, a goddess worshiping culture might have had woman on the moon by the time of Jesus had other events not interfered.

How is it that humankind has so often been on the right track, only to be derailed by some patriarchal notion of how the world ought to look? When did we get to "The one who dies with the most toys wins"? And why is it not OK to just be who we are?

Geez guys. Trust me. I don't want to blame this on the men. Frankly, if we women are the superior gender of the species, then we have to take some responsibility for this mess that we're in. There are still women out there who tell their little boys that men don't cry. They buy them toy soldiers for Christmas and call them little men. They firmly believe that God is male.

Need I continue?

It is all well and good to blame the patriarchy. But as long as we participate, we are liable. You tell your daughter you like her independent spirit. But are you secretly relieved that she married a nice dentist rather than complete her doctorate in physics?

I don't mean to insult people's intelligence by reciting feminism 101. I'm just saying that maybe we ought to revisit the basics again.

Meantime: Go J! You rock grrlfriend.

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