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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Difficult Tasks

I'm something of an avoider. I avoid bills, unpleasant tasks, and relationships. I probably avoid a whole lot of other things but these are the top three on my mind this morning. I am going to be forced into doing something that I hate most. That is, I have to fire an employee.

The company uses the word "terminate." That makes it sound like I'm going to disappear her with my laser beams. Like most corporations today, ours has sanitized the unpleasant things like destroying someone's life. I don't see it as destroying her life. But for at least a time, she will see it that way.

She has worked for this facility for about 18 years. She was once a wonderful nurse. Life, age, and personal tragedy have caused her to begin failing in ways that are now dangerous to the patients as well as to herself. I have been working with her for 2 and 1/2 years on the problems she presents to us. But enough is enough.

Here in Nursedom, we complain a great deal about the Philipino culture. But in the Philipines, she would simply be given a job where she couldn't do any damage, and be treated with proper respect as the grand old lady of Nursing. She would never be put out to pasture and she would never be made to suffer the humiliation of being fired from a job to which she gave so many years of wonderful service.

What is it with our society, and our corporate culture, that we see people as disposable commodities? The only concession our corporation will make in view of her years of dedication is that they will not fight her request for unemployment. It's a sad, sad day for me.

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Blogger Seabiscuit said...

I am sorry that you had to endure this. I have never had to do such a difficult task as "firing" someone.

I hope your day wasn't a total bummer. Hugs to you Nurse.

Take care,


5:48 PM PDT  

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